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Renewables in Germany close in on 40% of total generation

Germany is edging ever closer to its national target of 65% renewable energy by 2030: even as new government regulations slow down the speed of the Energiewende, market forces and Mother Nature have ensured that throughout 2018, renewable energy will cover at least 38% of Germany’s total electricity consumption. L. Michael Buchsbaum takes a look.

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The Intergenerational Call

Today we’re sharing something a bit different – a poem by Hazim Azghari, which he performed at COP22. The piece is a dialogue between us today and the children of the future. It illustrates the concept of intergenerational justice and the 1.5 degree climate target, without which the earth will not be liveable.

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Europe must choose a green future

A group of experts has published their suggestions for Europe’s energy future in the European Energy Atlas 2018. In this excerpt, European Parliment member Claude Turmes points out that the energy transition will save money and create jobs – if Europe is willing to take action.

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