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Five things to know as China launches the world’s largest carbon market

China has announced the launch of a national emissions trading system that will become the world’s largest and most consequential environmental program, fulfilling a commitment of President Xi Jinping and setting up China to meet or even exceed its commitment to the Paris climate agreement. Diane Regas of Environmental Defense Fund explains how the program works, and how EDF is supporting the plan.

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Silesian coal – a quiet exit

In Upper Silesia, Poland’s main coal region, it is difficult to find anyone who still believes that coal has a future. The region needs help in dealing with the environmental fallout from decades of a coal-centred economy and a platform to debate and define its destiny. Izabela Zygmunt explains.

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French people support energy transition, survey reveals

In November 2017, French Minister Nicolas Hulot announced that the government target of increasing renewable energy in the electricity mix would be postponed. But do French citizens approve? Jules Hebert explains new findings that show high support for renewable energy and a positive view of the Energiewende.

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Insurance industry must act on the coal sector

Stopping the growth of the coal sector makes more than just environmental sense. If a stable climate translates to fewer and less severe disasters, the financial argument for insurers is just as compelling. Dan Gocher argues that coal projects should be excluded from investments due to their contribution to climate change.

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