Year: 2018

New Germany energy commitments take shape

On Friday, a 28-page text covering the main policy fields cursorily was published after a previous draft had been leaked. For energy policy, the changes are encouraging, but a lot of question marks remain. Craig Morris takes a look.

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5 things to know as China launches the world’s largest carbon market

China has announced the launch of a national emissions trading system that will become the world’s largest and most consequential environmental program, fulfilling a commitment of President Xi Jinping and setting up China to meet or even exceed its commitment to the Paris climate agreement. Diane Regas of Environmental Defense Fund explains how the program works, and how EDF is supporting the plan.

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Washington State leaves coal behind, but not its workers

Centralia, USA faced disaster when the local coal plant run by TransAlta closed. But after getting a permit to build a natural gas plant on the same site, the company has committed $55 million for community development. Ben Paulos looks at the transition away from coal in Washington State.

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