Author: Radostina Primova

Dr Radostina Primova is the Director of the Climate and Sustainable Development Programme at the Heinrich Böll Foundation office in Brussels. Prior to this, she worked as an EU Affairs Consultant at Hinicio. She also contributed extensively to the evaluation of Intelligent Energy Europe projects supporting sustainable energy communities.

NPP Belene: Bulgaria’s ticking time-bomb in the energy transition

In the coming months EU member states have to agree on major legislative proposals as part of the European Green Deal and how to support them through the EU’s budget for 2021 – 2027. At its core is the recently drafted European Climate Law, preparing the path for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. But while the Council and the European Parliament deliberate on the specifics of the pioneering climate law, some countries in Central and Eastern Europe prepare for a nuclear renaissance as part of their climate mitigation strategies.

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Local Energy Unions can reconnect Europe

The European Union’s energy policies have favored national providers and structures for too long. For Europe to re-connect and meet its Paris goals, the European Union must empower citizens to build cross-border local energy unions. Anna Leidreiter and Radostina Primova explain.

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