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Why France really had to postpone its nuclear reduction

Just as the COP23 meetings were getting underway, French environmental minister Nicolas Hulot said that France was not abandoning the goal of switching partly from nuclear to renewables, but merely postponing its attainment. Craig Morris says more time won’t help: Nuclear may help keep the lights on in France for now, but the French remain in the dark about the conflict between nuclear and wind & solar.

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Court stalls new coal plant in South Africa

Civil society has used many forms of activism to push for a transition to a greener electrical grid in South Africa. This year, they’ve taken their battle to the courts, winning two significant rulings. Leonie Joubert takes a look at the case to stop a new coal-fired mega-station north of Johannesburg.

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The Euratom Treaty: an outdated source to legitimize nuclear energy

Since the 1950s, the Euratom Treaty has encouraged large investments into nuclear energy projects and funding for nuclear research. In all this time, the treaty was never revised to suit present-day demands. The trend towards cheaper renewable energy is ignored, while millions of euros that go towards nuclear research are legitimated. Cordula Büsch takes a look at why the Euratom treaty needs to be reformed, if not abolished.

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