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Why Kosovo needs climate friendly energy alternatives

The majority of Kosovo’s energy comes from lignite, and a new plant is being planned (despite potential problems with the European Union). Communities must invest in renewables, which can help revitalize local economies, increase democratic participation, and improve the environment. Jasminka Young explains.

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Bioeconomy prospects and cases in the rural arctic areas of Lapland

The whole of Finland is now buzzing about bioeconomy. The Finnish bioeconomy strategy defines bioeconomy as an economy which uses renewable natural resources when producing food, energy, products and services. The strategy also states that through developing bioeconomy, Finland will create economic growth and new jobs while also securing the diversity of the natural ecosystem. Tanja Häyrynen explains.

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Time to call for decency

Donald Trump will be the next US president. For too long, climate campaigners focused on policies and technical fixes. It’s time to start listening to the people affected again, rather than talking past them. A view from Germany by Craig Morris.

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Renewable energy in Belgium

Over the last ten years, Belgium has seen the share of renewables in its final energy consumption grow from 2% in 2005 to 8% in 2014. The country is still on track to meet its 2020 objective of 13%. However, because of political bad blood between the different regional and federal authorities, some doubts arise about whether or not Belgium can reach its overall goal. Michel Huart calls for an inter-federal energy vision and an effective collaboration between its different competent authorities.

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Saving the community first, the planet second

It is often held that citizens get involved in energy coops in order to profit personally. That’s true, but it’s also overrated as a motive. Now, a new study puts the various reasons in context, and gives Craig Morris some hard data for what he says he already knew anecdotally from numerous such projects. The findings may surprise you—and the German government.

Visitors to the Westmill Solar Cooperative in the UK

Visitors to the Westmill Solar Cooperative in the UK (Photo by MrRenewables, edited, CC BY-SA 3.0)

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Germany’s last new coal plant

Will another coal plant ever be opened in Germany? Only one is currently in the pipeline officially, and it has almost been completed—and could be put into operation soon. So what’s the holdup? Craig Morris takes a look.

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