Author: Craig Morris

Craig Morris

Craig Morris (@PPchef) is the lead author of Global Energy Transition. He is co-author of Energy Democracy, the first history of Germany’s Energiewende, and is currently Senior Fellow at the IASS.

Biggest Dutch onshore wind farm to be community owned

How big can a community project be? How does 93 turbines and 400 million euros sound? The latest onshore wind farm going up in the Netherlands will be more than 50% larger than the biggest one now standing – and it may be just the beginning. Why is Dutch community wind so utility-scale? Craig Morris investigates.

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March was a record month for renewable power in Germany

Renewable energy made up just over 41% of Germany’s power supply last month, the most ever at around 19.5 TWh. It’s a good thing, too, because nuclear power production may have fallen to its lowest monthly level since the 1970s – even though no nuclear plant has been switched off since 2015. Meanwhile, has France’s tentative nuclear reduction reached a milestone? Craig Morris takes a look.

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Nord Stream: who depends on whom?

As the Nord Stream II project progresses, many EU countries – and Brussels itself – continue to express concern. So why is the German government so nonchalant about the country’s dependence on natural gas from Russia? Craig Morris has a few suggestions.

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German nuclear fleet struggles to stay online as wind sets records

Last Friday, an Indian airliner passing over Europe lost radio contact and had to be escorted by fighter jets (it could have been a terrorist attack). As the plane passed over German reactors, some were evacuated just in case. None of them were generating power at the time. Wind power, in contrast, was strong across Europe – and there’s a downside to that, too. Craig Morris explains why.

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The Dutch go district heat

Recently, our American Germany-expert Craig Morris described the Dutch reactions to the upcoming end of domestic gas in the Netherlands. Today, he explains – with help from an Irish researcher based in Denmark – why the Dutch are banking on district heat.

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Germany runs out of Dutch gas

It may be the most underreported story in the German energy sector: a quarter of household gas connections are switching from l-gas to h-gas. Craig Morris explains the implications – technically and geopolitically. And a new chart shows the role that natural gas might play in 2050.

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German renewables sector calls for carbon tax

Last week, the EU announced new plans for its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Climate experts point out that the changes still fall short of the Paris Agreement. German renewables association BEE has therefore proposed a carbon tax, but critics of the plan say it would only weaken the ETS further. Craig Morris takes an in-depth look.

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