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Netherlands: A silver lining for renewables?

Despite its beautiful windmills, the Netherlands doesn’t rank that high for renewable energy production, and might miss its 2020 target. The good news is that it has launched an ambitious campaign for zero-emission public transport by 2025. Henning Twickler and Kathrin Glastra explain how the Netherlands could help pave the way for a transportation transition.

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The irreversible momentum of clean energy

President Barack Obama discusses the long-term potential of renewable energies and sees the global energy transition as irreversible. Now more than ever, the world needs to embrace the opportunity of clean energy and cooperate on its climate goals.

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Ontario’s Low Carbon Grid

The Canadian province of Ontario has recently created a very low carbon electricity system by phasing out coal generation.  Further efforts are being made to reduce natural gas generation and to electrify the heating and transportation sectors to extend the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Is Germany about to ban cars running on fossil fuels?

The short answer is no, which is worrying in light of the numerous reports to the contrary. Still, what happened should not be underestimated either: the German states—including ones with giant carmakers—have asked the EU for help in phasing out cars running on fossil fuels… well, sort of. What’s needed is options, as Craig Morris explains.

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Germany already has more green power than it ever had nuclear

The Governor of New York State says Americans will be reading by candlelight unless nuclear is subsidized. The state’s Public Service Commission (NYPSC) implemented such subsidies at the beginning of August, claiming it “learned a lesson from Germany.” Craig Morris takes a look at the data.

Indian point nuclear power plant

The Indian point nuclear power plant will not benefit from the planned subsidies, as it is considered too dangerous (Photo by Tony, edited, CC BY-SA 2.0)

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