Author: Ciarán Cuffe

Ciarán Cuffe is a member of the European Parliament for Dublin with the Green Party. He is currently leading the work to draft a European Parliament position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and is a shadow rapporteur on the New European Bauhaus initiative.

The New European Bauhaus

The original Bauhaus sought to create the building of the future that would unite every discipline from architecture to sculpture and painting. 100 years later, European Commission president, Ursula Von der Leyen has revitalised the movement to create homes and public buildings that help cities become greener and that reconnect us with nature, based on the 3 principles of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion. This New European Bauhaus (NEB) gives a platform for architects, artists, students, engineers and designers to work together. The Commission has created NEB prizes showcasing projects that help steer the movement towards its goals. Ciarán Cuffe, who is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Greens/EFA group, gives us some insights.

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