Author: Razom We Stand

Razom We Stand grew out of the Stand with Ukraine campaign in 2022 when 860 organizations across 60 countries came together in protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (“Razom” means “together” in Ukrainian.) Subsequently, Razom was registered as an organization to support a sustained campaign against the Russian invasion and to hasten Ukraine’s shift to a fossil-fuel-free clean energy future. Our rapid growth and success has been humbling. Since 2022 we coordinated several high energy campaigns that have led to significant restrictions on the import of Russian oil, gas, and coal by the EU and the UK, and have spurred divestment in Russia’s fossil fuel industry. We built dialogue and maintained connections with the US Department of State, Department of Economic Sanctions, EU Authorities on Sanctions and Energy as DG Fisma, DG Energy, Office of Special Envoy on Sanctions, and energy ministers of the EU, EU MPs and CSO partners. In Ukraine, we helped create dialogue with MPs to draft and adopt the Law 9011 on green energy transition of Ukraine, have contributed to a high climate ambitious plan included into the Ukraine Facility plan. We organised civil society towards more ambitious energy policies in rebuilding Ukraine in Ukraine, at COP27, and at the London Ukraine RecoveryConference.

Fuelling change: Europe’s battle against Russian fossil fuels

Following the EU’s parliamentary elections on 6-9 June 2024 and with the war in Ukraine showing no sign of slowing, a pressing issue demands attention: the EU’s continuing active participation in, and facilitation of, Russia’s fossil fuel shipping and exports. This article delves into critical analysis and proposes strategies for reducing dependency on, and support of, the Russian fossil fuel industry, supported by data and statistics highlighting the impact of these exports on the Russian economy, the war in Ukraine and the global climate crisis.

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