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On Biofuels, part 2: Climate science for bioenergy is lost in the woods

This is the second article in our series about biopower: read part three here.

Producing electricity from biomass is one of the most controversial and least understood forms of renewable energy.  In this three part series, we explored myths and facts about biopower. In this second installment, Ben Paulos tries to make sense of a seemingly simple question – is biopower good for cutting our carbon emissions?  It is anything but simple.

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On Biofuels, Part 1: Dispelling myths about biopower

Myths about biopower abound: from the fear that it is deforesting the US, to the exaggeration of how fast it really grows. Does bioenergy hold potential as a global warming solution? In this first installment of three on bioenergy, Ben Paulos looks for the facts.

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Renewable energy in Belgium

Over the last ten years, Belgium has seen the share of renewables in its final energy consumption grow from 2% in 2005 to 8% in 2014. The country is still on track to meet its 2020 objective of 13%. However, because of political bad blood between the different regional and federal authorities, some doubts arise about whether or not Belgium can reach its overall goal. Michel Huart calls for an inter-federal energy vision and an effective collaboration between its different competent authorities.

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The pellet debate gets weird

After several years of North Americans criticizing EU biomass policy for leading to imports of wood pellets to Europe, the European Union now complains in the other direction—that the US should stop flooding the EU with biomass. Craig Morris explains.

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German government hands power sector back to energy corporations

The Energiewende is a federal energy policy that started off as a grassroots movement. Just a few years ago, investments in the sector clearly revealed those origins. But amendments implemented in 2014 changed the trend fundamentally. If the government does not address the issue soon, one can only include the outcome is intentional. Craig Morris takes a look.

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Portugal – Moving to 100% renewables

In April 2016, Portugal’s electricity generation came almost entirely from renewable energies (95,5%) and ran in early May on RES generation exclusively for 107 hours straight. A transition to 100% renewable energies is thus closer than ever in the country. Rita Antunes and Francisco Ferreira from ZERO – Association for the Sustainability of the Earth System explain.

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