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What are the Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Latin America’s energy sector?

The trade agreement TPP among twelve Pacific Rim countries contains not only traditional measures to lower or eliminate trade barriers and tariffs between the signatory countries but also provisions on telecommunications, intellectual property rights etc. The energy sector is covered in the trade and investment provisions under “goods and services.” The TPP will have multifaceted implications on the region’s energy sector, Lillian Sol Cueva explains.

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The new Coal Atlas

Friends of the Earth International and the Heinrich Böll Foundation (which runs this website) have joined forces to produce an international version of the Coal Atlas originally published in German earlier this year. Craig Morris reports.

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The Polish dance with nuclear

Polish authorities find it hard to decide what to do with their current nuclear program, once announced as the great hope for its energy system. No decision at the moment looks like a deliberate strategy although it will not solve the problems of Polish energy supply, as Michał Olszewski explains.

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