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How many new power lines will Germany need?

Researchers at Germany’s Öko-Institut have published a review of nearly a dozen previous studies on the need for new power lines in a future renewable electricity supply. The main finding is that the research community isn’t yet speaking the same language. Craig Morris explains.

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Celebrating Clean Tech on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

With special knowledge of their regional environments, indigenous people are a substantial resource to build comprehensive solutions to climate change. So on Indigenous Peoples’  Day, instead of celebrating Columbus’ impact on 10,000-year old cultures, Carolyn Fortuna of Cleantechnica looked at ways that indigenous people are taking direct climate action.

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U.S. utilities try new tactics to discourage solar, but still aren’t getting what they want

In the US, utilities are trying to increase charges for their customers – disproportionately affecting those who use solar. Such changes can be catastrophic for the solar market. But very little utility-sponsored legislation has been successful, and some states are even taking proactive steps to develop community solar. Christian Roselund of PV magazine explains.

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