The Global Energy Transition blog in times of war in Europe

We at stand in solidarity with Ukraine and all those who are suffering and have suffered from the military aggressions of Putin’s regime. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has unleashed a terrible humanitarian crisis. An immediate end to the conflict and a safe and peaceful future for all must be the priority right now.

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Given the role that fossil fuels play in this war, the accelerated transition away from them is now even more than before a peace project. Reliance on fossil fuels has contributed to propping up Putin’s regime and is preventing many countries from fully confronting it now as the ongoing debate on European sanctions and their exemptions show…

Reducing our overall energy consumption, phasing out fossil fuels and expanding renewable energies remain imperative – not only because of the ever progressing climate and environmental emergency, but also because of players willing to weaponize the world’s dependence on their fossil fuel supplies. In addition, speeding the transition to renewable energy brings energy security and price predictability.

Yet, even a much-needed massive emergency program of investments to cut dependence on gas and deliver energy security will not change the system overnight. We will therefore face some inconvenient questions, especially concerning immediate alternatives, which is why we need honest and nuanced conversations.

The blog intends to be a space for exchange on possible ways forward, putting up to debate different solutions for the short and medium term, given the fundamentally changed context, without disregarding short-comings. Trade-offs will result from the discrepancy between tactical, short-term measures to be taken to avoid a security of supply disaster on the one hand, and the mid- to long-term pathways to decisively steer towards deep decarbonization, energy efficiency applied to all sectors and a world based on 100 percent renewables on the other.

As such, the blog as well as the Global Energy Transition Podcast will continue to report on the topics, which we have already covered since the blog’s foundation in 2012. Given Putin’s fossil fueled-war and severe price spikes, renewable energies are more relevant than ever. We will continue to warn about false solutions, highlight best practices and explore different ways forward thanks to energy expert bloggers from all over the world and diverse backgrounds.

Stay tuned for different blog series to dive deeper into the most pressing questions, such as a stock take of different studies on consequences in Europe and globally of an immediate cut of any Russian fossil fuel exports, the issue of short-term diversification of gas supply, or measures to rapidly reduce demand. In doing so, we will go beyond European borders and pay particular attention to impacts on Global South countries. Thanks for reading us and please feel free to join the debate via the comment function or by getting in touch with us directly.


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