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Spain’s domestic elections put both EU and domestic green ambitions in jeopardy

The outcome of Spain’s upcoming snap federal elections in late July will become a key driver of the European Union’s climate and energy agenda now that Madrid has assumed the rotating leadership of the Council of the EU, a crucial institution of the 27-member bloc. The incumbent liberal and ecologically-focused Spanish government led by prime minister Pedro Sanchez aims to push for stronger renewables and fossil-free energy adoption and advance the European Green Deal. However, if he loses his bid for re-election, a more EU-sceptic government coalition with less ambition on climate policy will take over. Crucially, Spain holds the last complete six-month presidency before the 2024 EU elections, which increases the pressure to bring important energy and climate legislation to a close before the end of this year as well as to maintain European democratic institutions. Temporarily based in Madrid, lead blogger and podcaster Michael Buchsbaum reviews some of what’s at stake.

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Coal collapse in Western Europe: Nations accelerate closure plans

We are all looking for some good news. Here’s some: coal is tanking globally, nowhere faster than in the EU including the UK. With over 8.3GW of generation capacity coming offline during the first half of the year, coal-fired energy has fallen by almost a third across Europe. Even better: at least another 6 GW of capacity is scheduled to shutter during the second half of 2020 as Spain and Portugal join Sweden and Austria in ending their coal ages. As part of a series on the global decline of coal in 2020, L. Michael Buchsbaum takes a look at Europe, where coal is increasingly unwelcome.

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