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Renewable energy tops Turkish agenda

By developing a detailed system for renewable energy investment, Turkey is allowing investors to bypass the usual risks. The financial boost should help the country meet its ambitious 2019 sustainability targets. Gaye Spolitis takes a look.

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U.S. utilities try new tactics to discourage solar, but still aren’t getting what they want

In the US, utilities are trying to increase charges for their customers – disproportionately affecting those who use solar. Such changes can be catastrophic for the solar market. But very little utility-sponsored legislation has been successful, and some states are even taking proactive steps to develop community solar. Christian Roselund of PV magazine explains.

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Communities benefit from renewable grid expansion

The South African government’s renewable energy grid expansion has been outsourced to the private sector. A key part of this public-private partnership is that the companies assigned to do the ‘new build’ must also engage in much-needed community development work, writes Leonie Joubert.

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