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CBAM! The Global Energy Transition Podcast – Episode 2

This summer the European Commission finally unveiled their “Fit for 55” policy package. Aimed at ensuring the European Union reduces emissions and reaches climate neutrality by 2050, a key part of their plan is phasing in a “Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism” or CBAM. Framed as a pollution solution, it’s been met with howls of protest, threats of trade wars and frustration from many corners.

To unpack CBAM’s complications, in this episode of the Global Energy Transition Podcast series, host Michael Buchsbaum, lead blogger of interviews Silvia Weko, research associate with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) at the University of Potsdam and Domien Vangenechten, policy advisor at climate change thinktank Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) in their Brussels office. Authors of separate pieces on CBAM, they share insights into this controversial tool’s potential impacts and what to watch for as it gets hammered into shape going forward.

You can play the episode below, and it’s also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


You can read several of Siliva Weko’s recent publications including her recent CBAM piece here and follow her other research here and here on Twitter @SilviaWeko

To read Domien Vangenechten’s recent piece in China Dialogue, click here. Or click here to read more about him. Follow Domien on Twitter @DVangenechten1

Read more of host Michael Buchsbaum’s blogs for the Global Energy Transition here or visit his website here or follow him on Twitter @LMicalBuchsbaum

Audio from the podcast was mixed and edited by audio expert Christian Kreymborg.

Carbon fighting tool or economic bomb: Reviewing the EU’s new CBAM

In July the European Commission unveiled its Fit for 55 package aimed at pushing EU member states to reduce emissions by at least net 55% (compared to 1990 levels) by 2030. One of the most widely anticipated parts of the package – at least among policy wonks – is the introduction of the world’s first carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM). Intended to level the playing field between domestic and foreign producers of cement, steel, aluminum, fertilizers and electricity, CBAM’s real litmus test will be if it actually reduces overall emissions and incentivizes a greening economy both within and without the EU. But given how controversial and relatively weak the CBAM proposal is out of the gate, critics worry its presence will only distract from more effective climate strategies in the Fit for 55 plan. Worse, despite COP 26 in Glasgow, pushing CBAM could spark an international trade war. Lead blogger Michael Buchsbaum reviews the growing debate. Listen to our podcast on CBAM.

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