Author: Craig Morris

Craig Morris

Craig Morris (@PPchef) is co-author of Energy Democracy, the first history of Germany’s Energiewende.

When is the grid “full”?

The new governing coalition taking shape in Germany aims to build a lot more solar and wind “if the grid can absorb the electricity.” Craig Morris spoke with German experts, and no one could tell him what that means.

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New Germany energy commitments take shape

On Friday, a 28-page text covering the main policy fields cursorily was published after a previous draft had been leaked. For energy policy, the changes are encouraging, but a lot of question marks remain. Craig Morris takes a look.

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Germany’s energy consumption in 2017

Based on preliminary figures for 2017, electricity from renewables grew by a record amount. Coal power production also fell noticeably even as nuclear power fell – despite record exports. But one big news item may have been overlooked amidst all the new records. Craig Morris takes a look.

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On climate hypocrisy

During COP23, I attended a side event for journalists. It was good, but I have kept thinking about one panel discussion. It led me to my New Year’s resolution for 2018: connecting with people, not preaching to them. Craig Morris explains.

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Germany shuts down next nuclear plant

And then there were seven – at the end of 2017, Gundremmingen B will close for good as a part of the country’s nuclear phaseout. But before it closes, it contributed to a new world record ramp. Craig Morris explains.

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What bottom-up sustainability looks like

Increasingly, western democracies are divided over visions for the country’s future. But if we can’t agree on where we should go together, we won’t be able to address issues like climate change. Craig Morris investigates.

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Why France really had to postpone its nuclear reduction

Just as COP23 was getting underway, French minister Nicolas Hulot said France was not abandoning its goal of switching partly from nuclear to renewables, just postponing it. Craig Morris says more time won’t help: nuclear may keep the lights on for now, but the French remain in the dark about nuclear’s conflict with wind & solar.

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