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Europe’s finest: what to learn from the old world’s unsung champions of climate protection

Germany is often cited as Europe’s renewable energy wunderkind, and indeed many of its laurels are well deserved. But it is no means alone on the cutting edge of climate protection, and indeed of late the Teutons have fallen behind in places. Other European countries excel in specific areas, offering best practices for the rest of the continent and beyond. In the final analysis, though, the meta-champion is the EU, says Paul Hockenos.

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Small countries, big transitions

If you think the idea of shifting to 100% clean energy is still farfetched, think again. There are already countries that have virtually abandoned all fossil fuels. These are not necessarily the popular cases you usually read about, but they have shown the world that it is indeed possible to run a country without having to rely on fossil fuels.

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Portugal – Moving to 100% renewables

In April 2016, Portugal’s electricity generation came almost entirely from renewable energies (95,5%) and ran in early May on RES generation exclusively for 107 hours straight. A transition to 100% renewable energies is thus closer than ever in the country. Rita Antunes and Francisco Ferreira from ZERO – Association for the Sustainability of the Earth System explain.

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