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Flawed but vital, “Planet of the Humans” poses several inconvenient questions

Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs new movie, Planet of the Humans (POTH) serves to uncomfortably remind viewers that in many ways, despite our increased awareness of the growing biodiversity and climate crises, often our “environmental” and “sustainable” solutions, such as “natural” fossil gas, biomass and biofuels, have proven as bad or worse than the coal and petroleum they were intended to replace. Though the angry criticism from many within the community about some of the film’s flawed math is justified, the ensuing flurry of mainly negative media around the film has sadly resulted in diverting critical attention away from POTH’s otherwise vital questions about why, after half a century of environmental activism, we are still collectively failing. L. Michael Buchsbaum reviews where POTH is spot-on and laments where the filmmakers should have gone even further.

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How to Get the Renewables Story Wrong: Planet of the Humans

Our blogger Craig Morris has a cameo appearance in the new film “Planet of the Humans.” He says the way he was quoted out of context reveals what’s fundamentally wrong with the movie. As we mentioned earlier on Energy Transition, the new picture has created quite a buzz since its online launch on Earth Day and not necessarily for the right reasons. Craig Morris takes a closer look and puts things in perspective.

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