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Energy transition – a view from Kenya

For many rural Kenyans, it’s too expensive for households to pay to be connected to the national electricity grid. Some communities, who live near the right kinds of rivers are opting for a cheaper, more sustainable option: small scale hydro plants, to power lights, charge mobile phones, and pick up on the airwaves. South Africa-based science writer Leonie Joubert takes a closer look at a thriving model for community development.

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An Alaskan island goes 100% renewable

Kodiak Island in Alaska has traditionally had a lot of hydropower but needed to cover the rest of its demand with expensive and dirty diesel. Now, with the help of wind power and the introduction of different smart-grid measures, the island receives 100% clean energy: Power prices have gone down and the local economy has been revigorated. Laurie Guevara-Stone reports from the sustainability frontier.

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