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Wind and solar power boom worldwide

Global installation figures are rolling in for wind and PV, and they look fantastic. The future is also bright: the forecast is for further growth. Single countries used to dominate these markets, but increasingly everyone is building. In fact, developing countries now invest more in renewables than the developed world does. Craig Morris takes a look.

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Emerging economies surge forward with renewables

Why is renewable energy adoption in the world’s emerging economies growing nearly twice as fast than in industrialized nations? Laurie Guevara-Stone summarizes a hopeful report that shows that renewables are already the cheapest source of electricity in a number of emerging markets today, helping to bring affordable and sustainable electricity to everybody.

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The role of Latin America in global emissions

What is holding Latin American countries back from reducing carbon emissions? Sandra Guzman points to the central role that fossil fuels play in key economies of South America. With the discovery of non-conventional sources of fossil fuels in countries like Brazil and Mexico, tackling an energy transition might become even more challenging.

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