Author: Energiewende Team

Energiewende Team

Hamburg considers innovative heat storage scheme

Institutions in Hamburg are proposing to build a large underground thermal heat storage system that could supply roughly a quarter of the city’s heating needs with waste heat from industrial and power plants. If successful, it would make Vattenfall’s plans to realise a CO2-neutral district heating network superfluous. It could also serve as an example for other cities. Jeffrey Michel explains.

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Exclusive interview: energy transition architect Claude Turmes tells inside story of EU energy policy

Green MEP Claude Turmes has led some of Europe’s key energy and climate policy reforms since 2000. Now for the first time in a book, launched in Brussels on 1 March, he explains how and why Brussels has pioneered – and obstructed – the energy transition in Europe. In an exclusive interview with Energy Post, Turmes gives an insider account of dreams, lobbies, and political, economic and social realities.

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Why Kosovo needs climate friendly energy alternatives

The majority of Kosovo’s energy comes from lignite, and a new plant is being planned (despite potential problems with the European Union). Communities must invest in renewables, which can help revitalize local economies, increase democratic participation, and improve the environment. Jasminka Young explains.

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