What France Gets All Wrong About Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is not sustainable, safe, or cost-effective. Only by investing in full-fledged clean energy can France and other countries meet climate goals on tight schedules – a key asset given the urgency of the climate crisis. Paul Hockenos explains. France’s current nuclear power fiasco – half of its 56 reactors are not operational due to corrosion problems, extended maintenance schedules, and cooling issues – should deliver a powerful warning to the country itself, and the rest of the world, that nuclear power is not the reliable 24/7 energy source that it claims to be. But France, second only to the U.S. in reactor fleet size, plans to construct as many as 14 new-generation reactors and a new fleet of smaller nuclear plants, supposedly to bolster its climate protection strategy. France’s bet on nuclear energy, however, is an egregious miscalculation that will severely inhibit its decarbonization efforts – and not enable western Europe to gain any traction against Russia. At a critical juncture in the battle against global warming, diverting any finance at all and … Continue reading What France Gets All Wrong About Nuclear Energy