Malta’s energy transition – a slow but promising start

The island of Malta is heavily dependent on oil imports, and could benefit greatly from its own energy transition. Despite some barriers to renewables, solar is booming – and if it continues to do so, Malta should be able to meet its 2020 energy goals. Geoffrey Saliba explains. In a recent stakeholder meeting in Malta, EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Cañete outlined an EU vision where member states will be fully powered by renewable energy sources. This is an attractive vision – energy security would isolate the EU from geo-political shocks, reduced emissions would benefit air quality in the short term and climate change in the long run, and it would invigorate the EU’s green economy. Strategically, Malta is well aligned with this vision. Since 2015, its energy supply has been diversified through a bi-directional interconnector with Sicily. An upgrade of electricity production to use gas instead of oil is also underway. Coupled with constant efforts to promote renewables, this has increased Malta’s electricity sources to three, when just 10 years ago the only electricity source was … Continue reading Malta’s energy transition – a slow but promising start